Coronavirus web links

Following are some important web links about the coronavirus outbreak, including health background and government regulations and programs. Suggestions for additions or changes are welcome, to

Washington State Department of Health web page on the coronavirus (includes the Governor’s emergency orders):

King County Board of Public Health web page on the coronavirus (includes emergency orders that apply only to King County; and fact sheets in several languages):

National Public Radio’s Science Friday half-hour show about the science behind hand washing, sanitizers, and other means of protection:

Seattle Mayor web page on the coronavirus:

Seattle City Council web page on the coronavirus: … d-19-information-and-resources

Guidance on when, and when not, to call 911 WA Division of Emergency Management graphic: click here; and Washington State Department of Health: … aredBeSafe/GetReady/Calling911

Municipal Research and Services Center (WA) web page on coronavirus resources: … Public-Health-Emergencies.aspx

Seattle Times ongoing coverage of coronavirus:

Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division web page on coronavirus: … ng-respiratory-infections.aspx

U.S. Centers for Disease Control web page on protecting against coronavirus:

World Health Organization web page on the coronavirus:

Federation of American Scientists web page on the science of the coronavirus (debunks misinformation):

Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center web page with extensive medical and public health guidance and background:

Federal Trade Commission web page on coronavirus scams: … ronavirus-scams-what-ftc-doing

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau web page on coronavirus consumer issues: http://www.consumerfinance.go … lly-from-impact-of-coronavirus

Office of the Washington Insurance Commissioner web page on insurance aspects of coronavirus:

Seattle Hospitality Emergency Fund GoFundMe site for workers whose hours have been curtailed by this crisis and not being otherwise compensated. To donate or apply for assistance:

#MakeAJoyfulNoise — Thursdays at 8 p.m. “Open our windows, stand on our balconies, from our front yards, backyards or anywhere: make a joyful noise letting the health care, public safety, and other front line workers know how much we appreciate them in this crisis!”