How to join, donate, or volunteer

The Eastlake Community Council is a volunteer organization, so donations and annual dues go a long way, and your time and skills are welcome and needed. Membership is open to anyone who lives, works, or owns property in Seattle’s Eastlake neighborhood. Members are mailed ballots to vote in ECC’s annual elections and receive the Eastlake News by hand delivery and/or e-mail. Volunteers are welcome and need not donate or pay dues. To volunteer with ECC, donate, join with dues or renew them, or pay for your ad you placed in the Eastlake News, see below. Please note that your debit or credit card statement will show the payment as having been made to Internet Central, ECC’s internet provider, which passes through your payment fully to ECC. For questions:

Purchase an ECC membership

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Household Membership — $35 Annual Dues
Student / Senior / Low Income Membership — $10 Annual Dues
Business Membership — $75 Annual Dues

Donate or volunteer without purchasing an ECC membership

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Donate to the ECC
Volunteer (need not be a paid member or donor)

Pay for an ad that you placed in the Eastlake News

Pay for your ad [Note: this web link is under construction and not yet functional; to pay for your ad on line now, please do so above under “donate to the ECC” and note in the box your business name and invoice number.

Opportunities for volunteers and donors

Much of what makes the Eastlake neighborhood special has happened through volunteer efforts and donations. The Eastlake Community Council welcomes your involvement whether or not you are a dues-paying member. There are opportunities to match everyone’s set of interests and skills.

One way for us to hear from you is if you to hit “submit” after checking one or more of the ten listed volunteer categories above and/or writing in the space labeled “Suggest something new” about any volunteer skills, interests, projects, suggestions, or anything you wish to donate. Or if you prefer, just write to us at or phone (206) 322-5463.

Below is a detailed listing of volunteer needs, and please feel free to suggest something new. If possible, please specify your offered skills, interests, or assignment.

• Help with the ECC web site, data base, or social media
• Organize an Eastlake art walk or other art event
• Organize local businesses to sponsor art pieces for utility poles such as in the University District
• Help steward one of Eastlake’s parks or trails, or the Colonnade off-leash area
• Campaign for a new park or trail or for improvements in an existing one
• Organize for a traffic signal (stop light) crossing Eastlake Ave. (such as at Allison St., etc.)
• Review building proposals or legislation
• Organize your block or dock for emergency preparedness or crime prevention
• Research neighborhood history
• Help organize the Eastlake photo and document archives
• Digitize photographs or documents in the Eastlake archives
• Door-to-door Eastlake News distribution
• Digitize early issues of the Eastlake News so they can be posted on the web
• Put up posters publicizing ECC’s public events
• Re-supply the quickly disappearing stacks of the Eastlake News that the other volunteers initially put at local businesses
• Make a video about Eastlake or its history
• Clean up the “A-board” that publicizes community meetings
• Store some of ECC’s equipment and supplies
• Be your building or dock’s contact with the Eastlake Community Council
• If you’re a health care professional, let us know that you are willing to be contacted to help in a disaster
• Do a survey of businesses and institutions in Eastlake that have an Automatic Electronic Defribrillator (AED)
• Help inventory Eastlake’s trees
• Help fight graffiti

• Computer projector

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