Off-leash area -- your volunteer pledge needed to help in City improvement grant

A central part of the I-5 Colonnade Open Space is the dog off-leash area. As a part of the Colonnade planning and design process (for background on the process for all of Colonnade, see web page in column at right), proposals have emerged for improvement of the Colonnade off-leash area. See below for how to pledge volunteer hours, and why your pledge will help bring City funds for the needed improvements.

The planning process found that the Colonnade off-leash area needs additional design and engineering to improve the drainage, install a more paws-friendly surface, install lighting, prune back shrubs and branches, create larger yards, improve signage, provide running water, add dog-themed art, and create an agility course, dog playground, and small/shy dog area. (Suggestions for other improvements are always welcome, to the address below.)

Your pledge urgently needed. Neighborhood Matching Funds will make these improvements possible, but only if matched with pledged funds or volunteer hours. Today, please send an e-mail to ECC at with your pledge of two or more volunteer hours (preferably at least four hours) to attend public meetings, open houses, and workshops. Be sure to list your street address (required by the City in order for your pledge to be valid). Pledges of engineering, architecture, or graphic design skills are also welcome and needed. We also need volunteers to help in writing and administering the grant application. And of course, pledges of funds are also welcome; they will only be redeemed if we get the grant. If you have questions or suggestions, send them to the same e-mail address, or call (206) 322-5463.

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