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Public comment opportunity (on-line and via May 16 City open house) on Mayor’s proposed increase in height of new buildings in Eastlake and other neighborhoods. Tues., May 16 open house (6-8 p.m. at historic Washington Hall, 153 14th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122) to learn about and comment on the Mayor’s proposals to increase construction and building size in Eastlake and nearby neighborhoods.

To see and comment on the Mayor’s height increases for every land lot in Eastlake, go to http://hala.consider.it/?tab=Draft zoning changes, and scroll down to Eastlake. There you will also find the Mayor’s case for the upzones. For independent background and analysis challenging the Mayor’s approach, see below and/or go to http://seattleneighborhoodcoalition.wordpress.com/hala-mandatory-housing-affordability-mha-reference-material. While it’s important to comment at one of these meetings, you can also cast a vote on-line–a process that requires you to first establish an account. For links to the City’s HALA web page (including details on the May 16 openhouse) and to ECC’s background on how to post a public comment, see the HALA page at right (http://eastlakeseattle.org/?page=HALA). Or to register and make a public comment, go directly to the City web site at http://hala.consider.it/?tab=Draft zoning changes and scroll down to Eastlake.

Public meeting with Police Department representatives about Eastlake’s public safety priorities; planning for July 4; and emergency preparedness Tuesday, June 13, 7 p.m. at TOPS-Seward School, 2500 Franklin Avenue East. The West Precinct community policing team regularly asks Eastlake residents and businesses for our policing priorities. Please come to offer yours, but also send them now to ECC at info@eastlakeseattle.org. Also at this meeting, you will be briefed and have the chance for questions and suggestions, regarding the Police Department’s planning for crowds, traffic, and parking in Eastlake on July 4. We will also review ongoing efforts and opportunities to make Eastlake safer in emergencies and disasters. For futrher background on these various topics, see links in column at right.

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