ECC official purposes

Article III of the Articles of Incorporation of the Eastlake Community Council (1971)

The purposes for which the corporation is organized include the following:

  1. To foster and encourage a sense of community among people who live and work in the Eastlake Community.
  2. To work with all governmental and civil agencies in the development and implementation of social, cultural, educational, recreational and environmental programs that will benefit those who live and work in the Eastlake community.
  3. To provide a clearinghouse for information on laws and governmental or private programs and proposals affecting the welfare and environment of the Eastlake community.
  4. To work for and assist in the development and growth of the Eastlake community in ways that will preserve the history, charm and attractiveness of the community and its adjoining inland water and shorelines for those who live and work in the community.
  5. To work to maximize public use and enjoyment of the inland waters and shorelines adjoining the Eastlake community.
  6. To cooperate with other community councils and organizations in working for the improvement of the quality of life in the City of Seattle and its environs.