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About ECC and how to get involved

Welcome to ECC and this web site
Eastlake News
How to join, donate, and/or volunteer
About ECC and why you are welcome and needed
What ECC volunteers have achieved
ECC’s official purposes
ECC’s bylaws
How to contact ECC
ECC’s privacy policy and conditions for use of this web site

Social media

ECC on Facebook
ECC Instagram site
ECC on Twitter
Eastlake Social Club Facebook site
NextDoor Eastlake
Lake Union Watershed news site
Lake Union Beat news site
Eastlake on Flickr
Eastlake on Yelp

Local web links

TOPS at Seward School web site
Floating Homes Association (City government)
Seattle Channel 21 TV/web
Seattle traffic cams
Roanoke traffic cam
Ship Canal cam near I-5 bridge

Emergencies and public safety

Coronavirus web links
Businesses now open in Eastlake
Hotline/helpline numbers and web sites
Food, housing, and social services
Emergency preparedness for Eastlake
Crime prevention and law enforcement in Eastlake
Data and maps on crime, 911 calls, and patrols
Crime reports via
Making Eastlake an Alcohol Impact Area


RapidRide J Line bus/bike project
Pedestrian safety
Bus service access/advocacy
Parking in Eastlake
Fairview Green Street
Shoreline walkway gap (Edgar/Hamlin)
Fairview flooding
Fairview Bridge issues
Lakeview Blvd’s missing sidewalk
Harvard Ave. E.’s missing sidewalk
Special events impacts
TOPS traffic and parking
Freeway noise

Land use, planning, design, and construction

Land use in Eastlake
Eastlake Neighborhood Plan
City’s implementation of Eastlake Neighborhood Plan
Sustainable Eastlake
Seattle Comprehensive Plan

Parks and Lake Union

Parks and points of interest
Colonnade planning and design
Accommodating Dogs in Eastlake
Trees in Eastlake
Removing invasive plants
Eastlake P-Patch
Streissguth Gardens link
Seaplane issues
Lake Union issues

History and art

Eastlake history
Eastlake historic preservation and landmarks
Art in Eastlake

Other topics

UW impacts
Ride the Ducks
Property tax issues and appeals
About the former District Councils