Property tax issues and appeals

Appealing a property tax assessment. All King County property owners receive from the Assessor (an elected official) an assessment notice in the mail between April and September of each year. Homeowners have 60 days from the date of their mailing notice to file a notice of intent to appeal their assessment to the County Board of Equalization. After that, there is a deadline to submit supporting information, which must include a listing of 3-5 comparable homes that that are similar in square feet, lot size, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc., but which sold for less than your home is assessed for.

Property tax appeals can be greatly assisted by on-line commercial services whose records assist in the selection of comparables and in meeting other requirement of the property tax appeal process. It is important, for example, for the sell date of a comparable to be prior to the January 1 assessment date; any comparables whose sell date was after the assessment date will be disqualified at the appeal hearing. A comparable may also be disqualified include if it sold as part of a foreclosure, short sale, inheritance or divorce transaction, donation to charity, or any other non-arm’s length transaction.