University of Washington impacts on Eastlake

The Eastlake neighborhood is adjacent to the University of Washington, so what happens there can deeply Eastlake. Studies by the City and by UW find that the University generates significant motor vehicle traffic through Eastlake, as well as parking impacts from faculty, staff, and students.

The Eastlake Community Council has a voting representative on the City University Community Advisory Committee (CUCAC), an advisory committee founded more than 40 years ago under a joint City-UW agreement. The official purposes of CUCAC are to (1) advise the City and the University on the orderly physical development of the greater University area; (2) Encourage the provision of adequate City services to the University and adjacent community and business areas; (3) assist the University and City in preserving the many positive aspects of the University’s presence in the community; (4) review and comment upon potential adverse effects of removing aspects of University programs from the University campus; and (5) assist in the protection of the adjacent community and business areas from the adverse effects of University and City action’s.

ECC welcomes your questions and suggestions for positions that its representative should take in CUCAC proceedings; contact ECC at For information about CUCAC and current issues that it is reviewing, see the UW Office of External Affairs Website.