About ECC and why you are welcome and needed

Have you ever lived in a small town? You do, you know. Oh, it’s not incorporated, and no road signs announce the town borders. But it’s here, Eastlake, a community with a heart and a conscience, its own tiny budget, town meetings, and a growing number of volunteers who are willing to stand each year and say, “We care; we’ll give a few hours or a few dollars a month to the neighborhood; count on us.”

Eastlake is a community of about 5000 residents and 5000 workers in the heart of Seattle, Washington. Eastlake is located between the eastern shore of Lake Union and the western side of Interstate 5. Eastlake Avenue bisects the neighborhood, running one and a half miles between the University Bridge at the north end and Fairview Avenue N. at the south end (and some say that the south end continues another few blocks further to Mercer Street).

Founded in 1971, the Eastlake Community Council fosters and encourages a sense of community among people who live and work in the neighborhood and promotes programs and distributes information benefiting the neighborhood. These are among its official purposes, which also include to preserve the history, charm, and attractiveness of Eastlake and to ensure public access and enjoyment of its adjoining inland water and shorelines.

The Eastlake Community Council is one of Seattle’s most active neighborhood organizations, and it is all-volunteer. Our frequent public meetings and other events are open to anyone who lives or works in the neighborhood, as are ongoing projects that can always use volunteer assistance or leadership. For examples of ECC’s projects and achievements, click here.

ECC is a membership organization. Anyone can join who either lives, works, or owns property in the Eastlake neighborhood. Here are links to ECC’s official purposes and ECC’s by-laws. The annual meeting is the first Tuesday in October, when dues-paying members elect board members and officers to one-year terms. The officers and board members are always listed on the masthead (page two) of each issue of the Eastlake News. To contact the officers and board: info@eastlakeseattle.org.

ECC’s quarterly newsletter, the Eastlake News, is available (current and past issues) on-line by clicking here. 4000 copies are printed quarterly and hand-delivered by 40+ volunteers to every residence and business in the neighborhood. The Eastlake News reports about ECC’s events, projects, and opportunities for you to get involved or to comment. It also features photos and stories about the people and places that make Eastlake what it is. The Eastlake News is supported by advertising from the many small businesses that contribute so much to our neighborhood’s vitality. To contact the editor: info@eastlakeseattle.org. For information about advertising policies and rates and to contact the advertising coordinator, click here.

The Eastlake Community Council needs you to help it inform, involve, protect and improve the neighborhood. ECC membership is open to all who live, work, or own property in Eastlake. Anyone can donate, and no donation is too small. As we are an all-volunteer organization, your dues and donations go a long way. We can’t do it without you! Please become a dues-paying member, donate what you can afford, and help out with your volunteer hours. You do not need to be a paid member to participate or be heard, but dues and donations help support our efforts in the public interest.

On-line you can join ECC with new or renewed dues; you can donate; you can pay for an Eastlake News ad you placed; and you can volunteer on-line (no dues or donation required)–at the following link. If you prefer to pay by cash orcheck, you can send or drop off your payment at Lake Union Mail at this address: ECC, 117 E. Louisa St. #1, Seattle 98102-3278. You can also volunteer that way, or by e-mail (questions always welcome): info@eastlakeseattle.org.

We hope that you will actively participate in ECC’s many activities. Your ideas, involvement and support are welcome and needed. Please join us in making and keeping Eastlake all that it can be.

The Eastlake Community Council