Volunteers sought for ECC board and officer positions The Eastlake Community Council’s nominating committee is now seeking volunteers to serve in board and officer positions. The ECC invites you to step forward to serve on the board of directors, and/or encourage someone else to do so!

Attendance and participation at the monthly board meetings is the one of the most important responsibilities, and in addition it is hoped that each member will contribute time to a particular interest or skill area.

ECC’s bylaws require that members, board members and officers reside, work, own property, or do business in Eastlake, and that they be “persons whose background, experience, and interest indicate that they will support the purposes of the Council.”

Please volunteer, suggest someone else, or pose any questions, to the ECC nominating committee at or c/o Lake Union Mail PMB #1, 117 E. Louisa Street, Seattle, WA 98102. Background information is always welcome.

Coronavirus-related announcements The Eastlake Community Council wishes you and your loved ones comfort and safety during the coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency. Please stay healthy and assist your neighbors. ECC offers the following announcements and resources, and invites comments and additional suggestions.

Event cancellations. Gov. Jay Inslee has made the difficult but necessary decision to order all of us to stay home. That means all ECC-sponsored events have been canceled. Rescheduled events will be announced once quarantine measures have been lifted.

911 guidance. The following statement is from the Seattle Fire Department: “We respond to all life-threatening emergencies. Don’t feel ashamed if you have symptoms (fever, cough or difficulty breathing) of COVID-19. Call 911 if your symptoms are life-threatening: we will help you. Please be transparent with the dispatcher about your symptoms so we can arrive with the appropriate protective equipment. Continue to consult with your primary care physician if your symptoms are minor. #HereToServe #COVID19Seattle.” For further official guidance on when and how to call 911, click here and here.

ECC’s web site has a page for the coronavirus emergency. ECC’s web site has a coronavirus page with links about the outbreak, including health background, government regulations and programs, and how to seek or offer assistance. The page also has links for donating to the UW Medicine Emergency Response Fund, University District Food Bank, and aid for jobless workers.

Personal Protective Equipment urgent for health care and front line workers. Needed: unopened and unused respirator masks (medical grade preferred) or industrial, NIOSH- and FDA-approved; PAPRs (powered air-purifying respirators); non-latex gloves in original carton; face shields; safety goggles (no openings on sides); Tyvek coveralls; disposable head and shoe covers; isolation gowns; disposable water resistant cover gowns in original carton; infrared (non-contact or remote) thermometers; unopened hand sanitizer bottles; and boxes of disinfecting wipes such as Clorox or Sani-cloth. For use in health care and in supportive housing and shelters across the city, the Kelley-Ross Pharmacy (located in Seattle’s Eastlake neighborhood) is accepting donated items in its building’s lobby; must make advance contact: 206-441-9174 or to The following state and local web sites are also organizing donations: Your Supplies Save Lives WA; the City of Seattle Protective Equipment Donation Site; and Seattle Mask Brigade. ECC’s coronavirus page has links for making masks at home.

Mutual aid. Some in the neighborhood are in need (such as for grocery or medicine runs) and others want to help. The social media site menu above provides links (including ECC’s Facebook page) where mutual aid opportunities are discussed. If confidentiality is desired, please use ECC’s intake e-mail address ( or U.S. mail address, where suggestions for ECC’s coronavirus response are always welcome.

Eastlake businesses The ECC web site has a list of service businesses that are open.